About Tracy Stober, MSW, RSW

People always ask me why I love what I do. My answer is simple: I love helping others. I love seeing how people face challenges, how they overcome them, and how strong and happy they become as a result of their work.

I work from a nonjudgmental and compassionate position so that people feel comfortable talking with me. I allow clients to acknowledge their own skills and strengths. I work with others to help them become aware of their capabilities in creating change.

I have always been interested in the biopsychosocial model, which takes into account the biological, psychological and social factors in human functioning.

I have experience working in hospitals and have worked with a diverse group of people: from oncology patients, post-surgical patients, complex medical patients and since 2011, I have been working on a palliative care unit. As a result, I am very familiar with complex family dynamics and not afraid to be a part of the death and dying process.

In my private practice I work with teenagers, adults and couples dealing with: grief, death, and dying; anxiety and depression; relational difficulties; suicidal thoughts; anger and stress management; and other difficult life situations. My therapeutic model is eclectic in that I borrow from various theoretical frameworks in order to tailor therapy to meet my client’s individual needs. My basic underlying beliefs follow a psychodynamic model with solution focused therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

Tracy has worked in the helping profession for over 10 years. She graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2010, after completing an Honors B.A. in psychology.

Tracy Stober, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker
Phone: (416) 666-9477
Tracy Stober is an experienced social worker with many years of experience in treating patients in the Toronto, Scarborough and North York area.