Q: Is there a fee associated with the therapy sessions?

A: Yes there is a fee that I charge per hour. Please contact me for more details

Q: Why might you need my personal information?

A: The primary purposes for collecting personal information is to provide psychotherapy treatment and to obtain a baseline of health and social information so that in providing ongoing treatment, we can identify changes that occur over time.

Q: Are our sessions confidential? What if someone I know wants to know more about what we spoke about?

A: All information discussed in the counseling sessions is held confidential and will not be shared without the clients knowledge and written permission, except when required by law, which includes a client; who threatens serious physical harm to self or other; who reports or appears to be at risk of physical or sexual child abuse (even if the victim is now an adult); who reports serious misconduct of any registered health professional or whose clinical file is subpoenaed.

Q: How do I know if I need therapy?

Q: The decision to start therapy is a personal one. People pursue therapy for many different reasons. Some seek therapy for a loss, a relational problem, increased stress in their life, problems with their jobs, amongst many other things. People find it helpful to be heard and listened to, and often talking about your feelings and thoughts with an experienced therapist can be quite beneficial.